3: Watt's Up Tesla?

A deep dive into Tesla, plus the art of credit research.

Posted September 9, 2020


Guest Bob Boyd, managing director, head of Credit Research and a portfolio manager at Pacific Asset Management, explains the intrigue of Tesla and how credit research is both a science and art.

Time Stamps

The science and art of credit (2:41)

Advice for young credit analysts (7:36) 

What makes Tesla so interesting (11:21)

What a tour of the Tesla factory revealed (16:47)

Do electric car companies have a proven business model? (24:50) 

Zero dollars spent on advertising compare to billions (28:23)

What Tesla gets wrong (31:22) 

What the future may hold (40:16)







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Getting Credit Host:

Dominic Nolan, CFA 
Senior Managing Director  
Pacific Asset Management

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